“Essential Life Training”

“Train Your Body for Real Movement – Not Gym Movement

Today I still stand behind my philosophy of training. Some call it
performance training I call it essential life training. The days of
me worrying about how I look so someone will believe the things
or say or write are over.

I’m no longer interested in training just to train, I train to live and
function better in today’s rough and tough world. Meaning that
unless it gets me ready for the physical and mental challenges
that life might throw at me, it will not be used.

I use a very little training equipment and most of the time I use
none or I will use what’s outdoors, and work it that way.

My most used piece of equipment is a jump rope other than
that it’s very limited and I have been able to maintain a high
level of “Conditioned Strength” and the great thing is the training
methods I use and have for years have allowed me to stay very

Yesterday I climbed a tree, did some sprints and explosive jumps
and a couple other things and I was worked.

I think different and know first hand how the body will respond
to a physical lifestyle, a lifestyle that the body will remain strong in
even if worked everyday with no rest days.

Train the body for real movement and don’t confuse yourself with
complicated training programs. The body will respond, just work

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube






  1. I like it johnny…Keep up the great info that you make available to us. Thanks for “shooting straight” sir!

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