Training For Ego or Vanity is Man’s Weakness!

What do most people train for? Vanity or ego is the main reason and you can tell by all the selfies by men and women.

Every YouTube video has some trainer giving step by step instructions on how to do stupid exercises that are only useful in the gym.

Very few trainers actually show themselves doing any real training, why?

Maybe, they are all show and no go!

Maybe people who follow them are new to training, or maybe they are just weak from lack training fucking hard!

It’s not rocket science, yet most trainers want you to think they have the answer with their specialized knowledge.

Every trainer says he’s the best, yet football teams lose, players get injured and pushed around.

MMA fighters and boxers who look like bodybuilders get knocked out.

So guess it really doesn’t matter if you squat 600 lbs or do crossfit just for the sake of exercise.

Its not hard to build muscle and conditioning, it becomes hard when you look for the short cuts.

Hard work is all that works, constantly working to get better, not making excuses, training for a real purpose, not for a bigger set of arms, so you can wear tight shirts.

Training for me has always been for survival, even though my training has changed over the years, and my eyes opened, my training has and always be about survival in a hostel environment!

It matters only if you are really truely capable of jamming a finger in someones eye, the gym teaches men to think gym strength which does not equal environmental toughness!

Strength combined with meanness and aggression is a dangerous fucking combination!

Train for survival, train for all that comes your way!

Men that tell you cardio is NOT needed are right, conditioning IS needed, cardio is for weak marathon runners, the prey, conditioning is for predators, killers!

Johnny Grube


  1. In workouts, looking good is a pleasant side effect. But the real shit that you are looking for is conditioning. I train everyday just to survive. Being a fucking caged animal, ready to fight motivates me to train hard. I know a lot of people who train in gyms, telling me they can lift the amount of weight that is considered strong for the norm. In reality, I am stronger because I train for survival, not for vanity or ego. High reps everyday along with isometrics. I consider myself dangerous if provoked due to the fact I bust my ass everyday to workout.

  2. And another thing, surprise surprise. I was able to do 3 STANDING ab wheel roll outs, without even having the thought to progress.

  3. Those who train for looks have no idea what they’re setting themselves up for if they have to defend themselves. Especially if they run into a person that is conditioned and aggressive .

  4. @Chuck

    Conditioned and aggressive = We wildmen as a whole

  5. @Marovsky


  6. @Chuck
    I was able to do 3 standing ab wheel rollouts, without even doing progressive training, I just trained.

  7. @Marovsky

    BEAST MODE !!!!

  8. @Chuck

  9. @Chuck
    It seems like they workout until they look good and just stop working out altogether. Too much limits put on ourselves. Looking good is just a pleasant side effect, the real thing that we should all have is functional strength and conditioning.

  10. @Marovsky

    The shit that’s out there is literally insane. They have on and off seasons (WTF IS THAT???) Meal preps , reps , sets , timed rests etc… I laugh my fucking ass off when I hear of all the shit lol. Glad I’m not a part of none of that shit . Not to mention the money they blow on magazines and supplements that tell them a bunch of bullshit

  11. @Chuck
    Wait whaaaaaat????? on and off seasons???? REALLY?????? Wow since when working out has on and off seasons???? Woooooo please tell me that fitness is gonna be restored to its original glory one day.

  12. @Marovsky

    Lol yea bro the shit out there will blow your mind . Glad we’re not a part of that bullshit

  13. @Chuck
    Yep. Guess what?? 1500 pushups, 1500 squats, and 150 pullups in total. I feel unstoppable!!!

  14. @Marovsky

    That’s how you know you’re a beast . Keep up the good work bro

  15. @Chuck
    Hell yeah!!!

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