Training Hard Requires an Aggressive Attitude!

Training Hard Requires an Aggressive Attitude!

Today will be a kind of rant; I know you find that hard to believe.

Some people don’t like my attitude; guess what? Tough training
requires an aggressive attitude.

If you walk through life worrying about who you will offend or what
others think you will just be like the majority, that being a person
trying to fit in with no mind of their own. 

When it comes to training I can care less about being a circus
performer and doing exercises that take too long to get good at.
All I need to do is walk outside or to my garage gym and get

With all the information out there no one knows what to do or
can’t make a decision. So what do they do? People turn to training
forums for advice and it reads more like a discussion group of
who their favorite fitness super hero is.

People need to decide and not be afraid to train hard and get
to know their bodies, if you want to get good at something work at
what you want to be good at.

The secret is constant training for years, and the problem is most
aren’t willing to put this amount of time in, it’s almost like an
apprenticeship of training. Read all the programs, follow all of your
super heroes and still be physically and mentally weak if you don’t
do anything.

I do study certain people I can identify with, some with the type of back
ground I grew up with, people that learned from doing, people that
train with a basic tough type of mind set.

I hate to say it, but warm and fuzzy doesn’t work in my world and
I don’t say it to sound like a tough guy, but it’s the way I am. I
grew up aggressive and I approach most of my life the same way

Today I did a tough labor style workout I used an 80lb heavy
bag. I shoulder the bag 250 times in 43 minutes I grabbed it like
I was doing a “Gut Wrench Suplex” and would swing it to the
opposite shoulder. Slam down continue 250 times.

Tougher than it sounds it is a total body builder!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. And it is like a feedback loop. Aggressive attitude makes you train harder; training harder gives you a more aggressive/energetic/ “can do” attitude so that you’ll do what you need to do in every area of your life.

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