Training in Solitude Builds a Sadistic Mindset!

For years when growing up I always had many training partners but as
life goes on training partners depart. What most people do they make
excuses NOT to train, they need that feeling of being part of something.

I was lucky and could always motivate myself to train without anyone,
hell if I waited for people to train I wouldn’t be training. Training alone
force’s you to get mentally tough, it’s you against you!

Anyone can train hard with someone pushing them, It’s easier to train
when someone else is holding you accountable. It’s another story
when you have to hold yourself accountable.

When you train alone you have to have a different mind set, only you
will know if you threw in the towel or pushed harder today than

If you quit on yourself, you will quit on others! The mental focus
it takes to train in a solitary environment is hell. It is just you and
your will to get to your desired outcome.

Your body will want to to quit, but it’s the will to survive another
brutal workout alone that test your will. Only you will know if you
did your best or cut it short.

The fact is most will never train like this very long, most need that
human contact, people that train in solitary have a inhumane and
sadistic mindset! Beware of this person and don’t ever bet against


  1. BodyweightReallyIsBetter says

    I agree. I had a few workout partners long ago. It never lasted for one reason or the other. Either they quit going, joined another gym, etc.

    Anyway, I been training alone for well over a decade now and wouldn’t have it any other way. Even better, I have departed from the gym and “gym workouts” and now do bodyweight training at home. So, I have the best of both worlds: I train alone and train from home.

  2. Marc Gervais says

    I have mostly trained alone. I used to train at dojo’s and in some gym’s but prefer alone. I have only encountered one or two people that could keep up with me in my workouts. I train very much the same as you do Johnny, but I am not quite as fit or strong but working on getting there. The truth is very few people have the fortitude or discipline to train like this. That is why I don’t have a partner and will likely always be a lone wolf in my training.

  3. This resonates fully to my perception of most humans and their pitiful work ethic and mindset. Even the most accountable partner I’ve worked out with still gives me the run around on switching times and canceling. All of a sudden I’M AN ASSHOLE for speaking my mind about his bullshit excuses. Don’t make time for other people when it’s concerning yourself, because they wouldn’t wait for you. If they want to make it they won’t have an excuse for you…they will pass that to the other person and make it if they are truly dedicated. THE ONLY EASY DAY WAS YESTERDAY folks. GET SOME

  4. Mas Oyama the founder of Kyokushin karate trained in solitude for 18 months up a mountain. Came back down and entered the nation Karate tournament and won it. Which proves you don’t really need training partners or even a coach once you hit a certain level.

  5. Wow, and I am very comfortable training by myself rather than train with someone. What a surprise.

  6. During my first 3-4 years powerlifting I always depended on others for motivation and energy. like most gym stories, partners departed, changed gyms, or even had a falling out. I had one loyal training partner for awhile because we were both training for the same two meets and after that wont completely stopped training together.

    One day I realized i had to get stronger on my own, and ive been training by myself for quite sometime. your mind has to go to a certain place to progress and i dont think many people can handle that. i’ve gotten to the point where i can bench 500 with no spot and squat 700 with no spot. i have no fear ,just will. its great to train with the right people if you have them but training alone will bring you a mental toughness that is rare.

  7. Absolutely.

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