Training is a priority!

The only way to build true physical fitness is to train your body
to be physically fit. It seems like a no brainier, but most people
want the most complicated training regime they can find.

Most think by using 40 different exercises in a workout will
build the ultimate body and build over the moon conditioning.

Try keeping track of more than 5 different exercises as you get
farther in your workout. I want to focus on training not tracking
what exercise is next.

I very rarely do more than 5 exercises at any one workout because
to me it waste valuable training time. Jumping rope, burpees, pushups
pullups and situps ( an example ) do you really need any more?

Physical fitness is built on a consistent basis not something you do when you
feel like it. Training when you don’t feel like it or just because you got done
work late.

Make training a priority. It will give you better results than reading the
newspaper or watching t.v. We should all try to live at a higher standard
by doing all we can to remain physically and mentally healthy.

Outdoor training can really improve a workout. Training natural in a
natural environment will do wonders for your attitude.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Dr.Boomstik says

    Love it. So true. I’d even venture to say using only 5 different basic and raw full body exercises (John’s 5 animal exercises are my absolute fave.) everyday as your main staple and doing nothing else will get someone in bomb-ass real world shape. Not only does this keep it simple but by becoming familiar (befriending it) it’s less burdensome to do, easier to gauge increase, and more pleasurable to push oneself.

    By the way, by ‘real world’ I mean, as John does too I imagine, that if you can get a call from a friend who needs help moving/building a block wall/digging ditches/putting up drywall/ etc. for 12 hrs. straight you can be confident that your body will not cry for mercy an hour in. Hell, you’ll actually enjoy it, I assure you.

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