Training Outdoors is Natural to Man.

I was always active my entire life, was strong and fast as a kid in grade school, ALWAYS scoring high in physical fitness tests in school, was always one of the fastest, could do a lot of chinups, situps, and pushups despite NOT training!

The above video is something almost any active kid could have done as a young teenager, that MOST men could not do today, I make it a little harder with 30 extra pounds, but still natural.

Its because if you let kids be kids they gravitate toward physical fitness naturally, without society pushing exercise, its natural to man! 

We get older we are told to lift weights, spend all your adult life thinking the gym is the ONLY place to get strong and fit, could be the reason the majority are to weak to do basic functional activities natural to man.

Today people are so lazy they wont even let their boys be boys, boys run, climb, lift things, punch, kick, fight, wrestle, rough house, play in the dirt, throw rocks, balance on anything they can.

We get older we become land gorillas, either fat or heavily muscled is not the natural order of nature!

A functional, lean body is natural, being able to do the things the basic boy loves doing is no longer the things we do.

I feel more natural being outdoors to train or a least something very basic to make me feel I’m being as close to the way was intended to be.

When people tell their kids to go outside to play, how come they dont?

Exercise or playing is supposed to be physically demanding, natural and fun, give it a shot!

Johnny Grube


  1. Andrew stone says

    As a kid I was always biking,running,swimming,climbing trees and fishing.
    At school in the u.k. football and rugby was played every day.
    Getting into fights was a normal every day thing.
    I feel sorry for today’s kids wrapped in cotton wool stuck indoors playing computer games.
    At 53 I am in better shape than most of my relatives kids.
    Plus they are as soft as hell.
    It’s a sad situation.

  2. BrooklynChuck says

    Nothing beats outdoors training. I’ve always loved outdoor training all year round, rain snow or shine. Makes an indomitable will. I’m not saying it’s the end all be all. Trust me I train indoors as well but nothing to me beats outdoors. Good article as always John

  3. Training in the hot, rainy, or freezing weather is awesome, builds the mental toughness.

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