Trample The Weak!

I am looking to offend all the little pussies being raised in today’s society
and the reason is because laws don’t allow me to stomp the head of some
weakling looking to hide in a safe space!

If you are weak man that can’t fend for himself but are capable
you should
not be protected and Starve!

Strong are men that provide and protect, weak motherfuckers are
men that sit home and collect money from other providers and

The strong who do better from hard work should NOT have to carry some
weak man and his family. The family of the man have the right to get up
and find a man that can provide for them. If your wife is the protector
and provide you don’t deserve respect!

If you have such a low self respect no pride and not a bit of honor what fucking
good are you doing for society? You are a waste!  Today the weaklings have free
range by doing what they want and are protected, they are like an endangered
specie.They keep them together in areas where they will have more and more
children all the time protecting and feeding them while others pay for it!

We all know the weak men I talk about, they are in every state in every city in
every neighborhood and they get to live the same as the provider!

If you are a man and work a job that a mentally challenged person can do and
you are doing the same job you are probably a bottom feeder, and should live the
life you earn until you smarten up and become stronger!

Trample every capable weak man who is not doing his part, do not give
man respect, he has not earned his way!

Strength Seeks Strength!
Johnny Grube

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