Unnecessary Rest When Training Builds Weakness

Unnecessary rest when training builds weakness!

I train the way that benefits my life, not the mass minded gym mentality.

When I train I need to get tougher, I train to be able to survive, I train to be ready at all times.

Men that train for the gym are only prepared for the gym!


50 lb plate jump on and off and bench 5 times and 1 – 70 lb over the shoulder heavy bag throw.

10 Rounds non stop

Finish with 50 jumps and 10 throws.

Very demanding in a short period of time!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    Yep, resting for like 5 minutes doesn’t make sense at all.

  2. So true. There’s no time to take rest when your fighting to survive. there is no “breaks in between sets”in the real world or stopping to take a sip of a protein shake it’s pathetic what training has become thanks for keeping it real

  3. @SMI

    So true . Training has become a fucking circus show . Would love to see a person working manual labor in an intense fast enviorment saying they need a 1 min rest period after each pallet or so . Weakness is running rampant in our society

  4. Hey Johnny! and Marovsky & Chuck!

    Ever since UFPin5 came out and the “Epic 8” , I’ve never stressed about which exercises were efficient and which were “wasting my time”. In short, I haven’t spread myself too thin by thinking I needed to 5-6 exercises per body section at a time to get the best results and thus denying other body parts their time. Been a blessing.

    Anyway, something about my body structure loves tendonitis (funny, not funny) and it never limits me but it is always that “nagging injury” that concerns me. So, when Johnny started doing these isometrics, I was on board and hopeful. Once again, I was curious which postures to devote my time to. I have “Developing the Isometric Mind” and it’s great but it’s “too complicated” – too many to choose from to make a basic plan to stick to daily. So, thanks to Johnny, I’ve discovered my favorite (epic 8 Isometrics) that I do and my tendons/ligaments cant thank you enough. I do a routine from UFPin5 everyday and before bed I do one of these postures for 2-3 minutes. Each day has it’s own posture for the night. Samson chair, pushup hold (high plank), Horse stance, Pushup hold (halway on knuckles), Superman hold, Wall push, Tug of war, and the last one, that I do as often as possible throughout any day, pull-up hang to keep shoulder injuries away. I love em! Thank you Johnny!


  5. Marovsky says

    Nance, I checked that link.

    Yep, it is unnecessary for people to waste their money on surgery to make the shoulder pain go away. All you really need is some few isometrics and a unbreakable mind. Cheers for you getting rid of the pain once and for all.

  6. Nance, Glad to help!

  7. Sure thing! Can’t thank you enough for cutting through the ego and bullshit of training. Sculpted by simplicity! It’s worked for thousands of years and people want to “Forget” because it requires sweat and consistency.

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