Unscheduled Training For Physical and Mental Toughness

It’s been over 20 years since I stepped in side a commercial gym. I hated what the gym was like over 20 years ago, now it’s laughable.

With all the knowledge, supplements, steroids, books, apps, etc men are fucking weaker than ever, emotional bitches, easily offended, and men who idolize juiced up men who lack any character!

I train in solitude, needing no one to drive me, except my own madness!

I love hearing comments ” I don’t look like I even lift” says the guy who has been training for 10 years who isn’t as strong as a high school freshman football player.

At 160 lbs and having a big mouth at 50 years old living in man dominated environment of Blue Collar work should tell a weakling all he needs to know.

I don’t give traditional training tips because every gym expert has the same advice, which is for INSIDE the gym.

If you just started training you will never understand my training philosophy, and be scared off!

I mostly have an unscheduled training schedule. I find time when ever and where ever I can.  My ancestors were tougher than me, living in tougher more harsh environments and I guarantee they never ever stepped in a gym.

Most men who argue with me are either men who have no credibility, or men who have an agenda, but most are just following the masses, following some social media, juiced up ex scrawny guy who was getting sand kicked in his face by an asshole like me!

I said it before, I was not one of those geeks who wandered in a weight room my freshmen year in high school, I was lifting outside and benching using two kitchen chairs I pulled out of a dumpster, replacing the seating with plywood, and using an old ladies walker I found inside an abandon car for doing dips!

If you can’t train in solitude, and need others to validate your training you are only training for validation, validation is for weak men!

I use down time for training, sometimes I might just drop into an Isometric Horse Stance, or do an Isometric Wall Push. When I’m driving I might do Steering Wheel Isometrics, squeezing or pulling apart. I do Neck Isometrics while driving.

If I’m in the park with my grandson I always find a little time for  some training, maybe some pile climbing or Bench Burpees where you do burpees jumping on and off the bench for 10 reps or 30 seconds, whatever you want!

If I’m in the backyard grilling up some steak, I often use that time for some drop down sprints for a few yards, Drop Down Sprints are dropping to the ground, exploding up into a sprint, a primal movement. Or I might grab a couple of dumbbells and a heavy bag for some dragging and carrying.

So don’t tell me you don’t have time or you need a gym, all you need is balls to step outside the box, and the box being the gym.

My training has never been better or more effective than when I decided to forge my own path of training, and stop following guys with ripped up shoulders, big bellies, or so called fitness experts.

Fuck These Guys!


Grab a heavy bag or sandbag or something unbalanced and grab a dumbbell now shoulder or drag the bag and carry the dumbbell for distance or time you will probably not get 5 minutes the first time!

Unscheduled workouts will build a toughness, it takes you out of your comfort zone, workouts should take place through out the day, even if you schedule a daily workout.

Disastrous things happen unscheduled, be prepared!

Johnny Grube


  1. Hell fucking yeah!! “Needing no one to drive me, except my own madness”, fucking true, I workout the way I wanna workout, even if it is seems insane to the average man!!

  2. You always knock it out the park with all your articles but this one right here has to be the most valuable one yet ! The importance of unscheduled training is beyond vital. No one knows what could happen anytime any place . Great article John

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