Using “Convict Conditioning” In Prison Will Get You Killed!

Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength!

I love when people like to tell me about the book where
Paul Wade states that it is For Entertainment Purposes
Only! Then states names and histories have been changed!

Why did they have to be changed? and said the exercises
are valid, and I agree they are valid, but most are useless
in a prison environment.

Wish my enemy would do a one arm handstand so I could punt him in the head breaking his skull!

Never seen such bullshit! I take a lot of shit from people who get
offended by my constant criticism of ” Convict Conditioning”
not because the exercises don’t work its that they will NOT help
you survive, but they might get you killed!

Don't think this is going to be helpful in prison!

Don’t think this is going to be helpful in prison!

And fictional Paul Wade, come on! Who is going to idolize
a man in and out of the countries most dangerous prisons?
What the fuck did he do murder someone? Drug dealer?
rapist? Anyone who spends their life in and out of prison
is NOT a role model, unless the people idolizing him are
also degenerates!

Can't survive in prison without the back bridge! Oh yeah leaving yourself exposed is a smart survival skill!

Can’t survive in prison without the back bridge! Oh yeah leaving yourself exposed is a smart survival skill!

Leaving yourself exposed doing exercises makes a lot of sense
when you are around criminals! But The bad ass Paul Wade
should know that! Ha.

And anyone in prison or going to prison and needs the wall variation of pushups, sorry there is no helping you in prison in or in any environment!

And anyone in prison or going to prison and needs the wall variation of pushups, sorry there is no helping you in prison or in any environment!

My comment to the people that defend it, are men that
are already weak and look for the progressive type training
because they are not smart enough to know that actual
training supersedes looking at pictures.

Why waste time learning exercises that look good on the
playground when you are there in the afternoon because you
are unemployed, when you could put some real strength
and conditioning effort into basic exercises that will enhance
survival in the real world?

Wait for the video soon to follow where I will call
“Paul Wade”
out for real physical survival training!

Toughness Builds Strength

Johnny Grube



  1. i donĀ“t get it. maybe 5% of idiots will take the prison talk serious.
    the rest knows, its just entertainment.
    but the progressions are good.
    the exercises are good.
    its fun to read.
    and prisoners do some of the exersises.
    and i doubt you could do 50 one arm push ups prison style feet togehter. if you do it, may hat goes off to you, sir!

  2. I think the Wild Man could do it if he wanted to. Check out the list of records that he holds.

  3. the record he holds are bullshit.
    they were not against competitors. he simply did light exercises for a certain amount of time.
    no videos to actually prove it. and even if the times and repetitions are real, so what?
    he is unable to do the same with harder exercises. the superman push up might be the hardest thing he can do.
    samson chair? really?
    we did them as kids all the time just for fun. nothing great to gain from them. maybe as a finisher.
    kneeling ab wheels? why bother with them if you can do standing ones?
    half repetitions? well, half-hearted BS…
    but he is funny. no argument here.

  4. Troy there is video, I send all the videos with witness to be verified. You can
    compete and break my light record if you like.

    Hey got an idea. Buy a plane ticket come see me in Pa and you can show
    me the man you tell me you are. Or send me your address maybe I ‘ll come
    visit you.

  5. thanks for the invitation.
    maybe sometime in the future.
    well if you like to see germany, sure, come over. i live in bavaria.
    you will really like it here.

    but back to the topic: you had no competition, so whats the point of these “records”? ego?

  6. Troy C’mon just leave the guy alone.You are probably a guy that sits on his computer and bashes on his keyboard all day. What a clown lol hahah. Guys like these are annoying. Its just like those trolls on youtube that got nothing else better to do than trash talk.At least John is doing something lol.

  7. Hey one more thing i’m not trying to be on john side but i just don’t really like trolls that argue.

  8. I guess some people don’t like the way John acts or talks.

  9. why is saying an opinion seen as trolling? if i would have said “John your the best” everything would have been ok for you, or what?
    if john is crying about criticism than he is a weak pathetic pussy who needs his cuddling day in day out.
    maybe he has not done enough pull ups to built mental and physical strength.

  10. It is because you say negative things about him. Troy why don’t you post your own videos on youtube, dailymotion or whatever of yourself doing something useful instead of just bashing on your keyboard .If not just leave John alone. Like what I said earlier im not trying to be on either side.I guess Troy hates john oh well.

  11. Of course I do it for the ego! Why train if you don’t have a reason and want to
    see what you can do. As far criticism goes you first have to matter, the person
    criticizing has to be of value. I have no respect for you so, your opinion really
    doesn’t matter. I just know that ever since the birth of the internet weak little
    pathetic key board punchers all of a sudden think they have a voice. I already
    said filthy Muslims are fucking your women and the German men are hiding. So
    if you can EVER show the things you can do no one will ever respect your opinion.

  12. I wonder what Troy is gonna say next whether in this post or next post.If he does i’m not gonna say anything because i’m just gonna be humble and shut up.Peace

  13. Muslims are much cleaner than you, Johnny.

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