Fighting Back Against Politicians Is The Only Way!

If  the state can take away your ability to support your family, because you won’t give in to a virus that has a better than 99% survival rate using law enforcement, the courts, politicians, to cripple you through fines until you end up broke, you should be able to exercise all means of dirty play against ALL POLITICIANS, ALL state officials and law enforcement who are violating your civil rights!




  1. I agree John it’s almost to the point these elites can go door to door and ass rape people and most people will bend over freely . They’ve really done a job on the population. The music and entertainment buisness played a HUGE part in all if this . Had shit like this occured in the 1920’s era you would’ve seen revolt . I think even in the 90’s the people would’ve revolt . They weakened men with movies of men dressing as women more and more softening them up through music etc. Most men have zero fight in them . I always said this and I’ll say it again I WISH YOUR WEBSITE WENT VIRAL AND WOKE UP TONS OF MEN !’Men need to hear from a guy like you . Thank you for all you do John . True hero in my eyes .

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