This is a no win situation. I personally believe most
vegetarians are soft emotionally, men that are vegetarians
seem weaker and less aggressive. It’s not all, but I have
never met a man that is strict vegetarian that isn’t very
weak looking. I’m sure Planet Fitness is a place for these
men and women and Vegetarians seem to all be liberals.

Liberals like to think they are saving the world, they want
everyone to love one another, they call for piece they want
others to give their shit up for the less fortunate in the world

I do eat lots of vegetables nuts and seeds but also lots of eggs,
and high quality meat. I’m wor
k under the philosophy eat as
natural as possible limit or eliminate refined carbohydrates and
stay active.

But the fact that the only way to get B-12 is through animal products,
so might thought if you have to supplement your diet because it lacks
an important vitamin tells me it is not the perfect diet for man.

One thing is vegetarians DON’T eat animal flesh.
But meat eaters eat fruits and vegetables.
Vegetarians will tell you the biggest and strongest
animals in the world eat plants like elephant and cows
On the other hand Lions and tigers and bears (oh my) are
pretty fucking big and strong and pound for pound
some of the strongest, violent and fierce on the planet.
Plant eaters wait around to be slaughtered by meat eaters!
People get offended if they are called a cow or elephant.
No one is offended when someone says “He’s as strong
as a bear” or ” He has the heart of a lion” Or called
a ferocious beast!

I would rather live the life of a lion than the life of a cow!

Strength Stays With Strength

Johnny Grube



  1. Hey there brother. I feel ya man these soy boys need to get off the behinds and eat a tasty steak

  2. Ak Calderon says

    Im a vegan and i am not like how you describe vegans. Im a conservative and not a liberal as you say vegans are. Id like to challenge you on athletic competitions. I have videos on youtube my YT name is AK Calderon and I’d like you to try and beat my workouts. Now all you have to do is unblock me so i can communicate with you on youtube. I promise i will stop cyberbullying you on youtube. This will be epic! The weak skinny vegan vs the badass carnivore. The weasel vs the gorrilla. Accept the challenge?

  3. Ak Calderon says

    Got a notification from you. I will drop the shit talking just for the sake of this challenge. Now let me clarify my challenge to you.

    1. Throw 5 punches with one arm in 1.5 seconds. Both arms will be acceptable since you are in your 50s i think?

    2. Strap some weight on your back to the point where you weigh 240lbs like me and try the one arm push ups. Or a simple one arm plank will be acceptable.

    3. Try to crush an apple with one hand. 2 hands will be acceptable.

    Now its your turn to challenge me on some of your personal records.

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