Want to lose weight? Never follow the majority.

I”m always talking about don’t follow the masses, meaning look what most of the worlds doing
and don’t do it. Just because every one else is doing it doesn’t mean it’s right. If you look around
we are living in the land of the overweight and sick, and it’s because every one follows the next.

If you want to lose weight and get healthy do exactly the opposite of what every one else is doing.

You can start by looking at how most of us Americans eat.

The USDA reports that the top nine foods eaten by Americans are:

  Whole cow”s milk

  2 percent milk

  Processed American cheese

  White bread

  White flour

  White rolls

  Refined sugar

  Colas

  Ground beef

Can you see why we are overweight and sick? I here another word a lot ” Moderation”  This
is used by people that want to believe it’s okay to eat everything in moderation and it’s
a great concept, except it doesn’t work long term for most people. Most people think
it’s okay to eat a little junk food every day as long as it’s not to much and this is where
you fall into the trap of weight gain and disease.

The saying a little goes a long way is correct. Eat an extra 300 calories a day and in one years
time that could add up to an extra 30 or more pounds added to your body in only one year in
two years 60 pounds.

Do you see where ” Moderation” can give you some problems.

Another way to look at ” A little goes along way” Exercise and cutting back on your food intake
could double the time you lose weight at a healthy pace.

It’s as simple as it gets, if you want to be tricked into thinking you know all the answer and you
continue to listen and live like the majority, expect the same results a sick and painful life.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube



  1. Thank God. At least you’re the second person I’ve come across who knows the REAL meaning of moderation. The human mind never does things in moderation, we always lean towards excess in the end. Its always either little or excess, there’s no middleground.

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