Want to Train Like a Real Animal?

Want to train like a real animal?

I hear time in and time out about how someone
isn’t going all the way down or he’s not locking out.
Okay, why does it matter if he’s not locking out or
using a full range of motion?

Who made up the rules? If I don’t want to go slow
and lockout every pushup and wreck my elbows I’ll
rename my pushups to “Speed Pushups” or “Speed
Dips” etc.

Meaning I go as fast and explosive as I can, training
my body to be more explosive and build faster reaction

Everyone has their own opinions and will follow
whatever they think will work best for them. I said it
before train slow you become slow if you train fast
and explosive you get fast and explosive.

If you look at the way the body moves on a natural
everyday basis the way you walk, run, jump, climb,
bend, twist, reach etc the body is always in flow,
full range of motion or locking out is never thought
about until we train with conventional methods.

In a life saving situation would you worry about a full
range of motion? If you had to pull yourself up a tree
would you worry about the stretch or do you get your
ass up in the tree?

If you had to carry or lift an object are you going to make
sure your back is flat and you lift with the legs? You explode
with the whole body to do what needs to be done.

After all the years of training and listen and reading all I can
I find is that the faster and more explosive I train the less
injured I get. Training the conventional ways with weights
and locking out abused my elbows, knees, shoulders and

Animals never use a full range of motion or lock out.
Animals are explosive, strong and react to the situation.
In nature there is no full range of motion or locking out
at the joints. Locking out and full range of motion is made
up by old school weight trainers and that is not a natural
state of the body.

Children never use a locking out or full range of motion
and never seem to get bad backs or sore elbows or knees.
I have four kids and they never used the conventional way,
they play. Kids run, jump tumble and have fun oh yeah
kids never jog they sprint, they always run short and as
fast as they can.

Kids weren’t taught this method of running it’s just natural.
Most adults train like adults and the older they get the slow
they train. Why not just keep on keeping on and see where
it brings you.

I still the “Pro’s” talking about wearing out, my opinion is
keep locking out and using full range of motion your body
will start to wear out.

Other hard labor countries that still earn a living farming,
carrying water whatever eat little and stay active well past
their 60’s and don’t seem to be worn out it’s just the
conventional hear say that seems to wear people out.

Really look at the way we really move or any animal and
you should get the answer.

Here’s a great workout you can try that will have you
sweating in no time.

All you need is a place for pull-ups, outside is best.

You will do 10 Wildman Prisoner squat thrusts when you
stand up you will explode jumping forward coming down
with legs bent and dropping back down for the next one
until you complete 10 than you will walk over and do 3
pull-ups and walk back and repeat. You will repeat this
for at least 10 rounds.

This will fry the entire body your legs will hate you!

Try to get as close as you can to the pullup bar or tree
branch on the 10th jump.


Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Nice post as usual. From my own experience, I found that locking out the joints just makes a workout session longer than necessary and gives me less of a pump than when I do half reps.
    Also, I think form is not an important issue when it comes to bodyweight workouts because I’ve seen people do pushups with the most terrible form ever but still get great results by the next month because of the consistency and hard work they put into their daily workouts.

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