Water = Fat Loss

This is true. Water does equal fat loss. Don’t believe me, look around
at some of the men and women you work with. You won’t find many
fat people drinking water they will usually be drinking coffee or some
sugary drink like soda.

Look at the the men and women that drink mostly water or that carry
a water bottle with them. These people will almost always be leaner.

Now this is not in every case, there are a lot of thin people that don’t
drink water and remain thin but as a whole the more water you drink
the more fat you will lose.

As a matter of fact I personally don’t know anyone who drinks almost
nothing but water that is fat. But I know a lot that drink soda that are
fat. You can say this is my opinion ,but all you have to do is look around
and draw your own conclusion.

If you tell me you drink a lot of water and are still fat, I’m going to tell
you that you don’t drink enough and you are also drink other things

I guarantee if you stop drinking sugary drinks, drinks with caffeine in
them and drink water you will lose weight at a rapid pace. If you don’t
think water is important why is it number two on the list for life.

#1 Air #2 WATER # 3 Food

But we all breathe and you know we all eat,but water is the most
forgotten. I have been told by people that they can’t drink 64oz of
water a day. Yet I watch them pour gallons of coffee and soda down
their  big guts.

Water cleans toxins from your body, Lack of water is the cause of
constipation, water fills you up so you don’t eat as much.

So fill up on water.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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