We Are Fucked!

We are fucked as a society! 

The best people can do is leave the cities and let the masses destroy each other!

Stop helping anyone you don’t know, and help only the people you know!

Ideology is destroying society, it wants people to be weaker and to conform to government mandates, they work for us, not us for them.

Why help ANYONE who you know that wants a progressive degenerate society and supports the losers and hates the winners?

These people who support weakness should not be helped, just like the junkies, let them die.

Bill Gates and the political leeches talk about population control so let’s start with the junkies a don’t revive them.

Don’t help people who are depressed and who don’t want help, let them commit suicide. 

Choices used to have consequences. 

Let’s not stop the violence in inner cities or the abortions, encourage it.

If people would rather be brainwashed with propaganda that is on tv, in social media, pushed but most media, in education, and refuse to seek out reality should be left to suffer in their mental sickness!

Never help the mental victim, never help the sympathy whore.

Make fun of the people who embrace mental slavery.

Enforce their victim belief until they are mentally compromised and eventually can’t function mentally.

The weak who want strength will seek out strength and will work hard to become physically and mentally strong!

I have always try to help people when struggling but it always ends up a waste of my time, I will longer waste my time helping others who continue to live the same way, their only change is words but not actual action.

Let all others eliminate themselves.

Don’t help the weak, help to destroy the weak.


Johnny Grube



  1. Hey John what’s your take on all this election shit ?

  2. Third world politics Chuck!

  3. Very good point

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