We Are Responsible For OUR Families, NOT The Families Of Others!


When did it become the problem of American tax payers to support third world people?

No matter your argument, you are fucking wrong!

These third worlders are looking to take handouts and destroy American culture!

I would NEVER donate to a third world country, first they are NOT my people, second they get enough of my tax dollars already!

When I give to charity or donate, it’s local, than my state, than my country!

Why bring this up? Because the people who say it’s our responsibility to house illegal people or criminals rarely donate any of their money, they do nothing but scream racism and injustice!

The same screamers don’t want these people flooding their cities, they don’t want them in their gated, secured communities.

I’m not a Christian, my loyalty is to MY family and close friends no one else!

Why feed a person from third world country when we have people in our country who needs shelter and food!

Fuck, I’d rather buy my grandkids something they don’t need then feed people who will ultimately destroy our culture.

I never see the do gooders, the so called hero’s in the fight open up their homes or wallets, they just scream injustice.

These fucking morons in America would NOT get support by third world people in their country.

Basically, I’m supposed to sacrifice my hard work for strangers that couldn’t care less if I didn’t wake up in the morning.

If you want to come here legally have at it, it seems it’s mostly Europeans who come here legal, while the third world commits crime by storming the border!

If you are offended too bad!

Every other country is allowed to have their own country, but not America or European countries, we need to take in all!

If you just had enough food to feed your family would you sacrifice your kids for the stranger down the street?

If you said yes, you are a fucking degenerate loser!

We CAN NOT save the the world, it’s not our job to save the world, it’s our job to take care of our own!

Johnny Grube.



  1. No one seems to get this principle either that’s the sad part . They act like it’s so wrong but if we were to try and go into these countries we would be detained and most of the time even killed . But oh no over here let’s just accept them in , feed them , house them and be buddy buddy . Fuck that shit I owe no one anything ! Good article John

  2. If I had so much money I literally could not spend it , I would burn it rather than help the third world. Let them die in their own shitholes, not drag the civilised world down to their level.

  3. We owe no one anything!

  4. Where do you stand on the matter of Native Americans, given that everyone else is an immigrant (or descendant of)?

  5. They didn’t sprout hear. All countries were taken by stronger people.

    I also think that most Americans have respect for the warrior history of Native Americans.

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