Weak Core Equals Weak Man!

As I get older I look for the most effective way to train and in the least amount
of time to accomplish my goals. Training using someone else’s training goals is

Today everyone wants washboard abs, I don’t and never have, because unlike
most fools who think a six pack is the sign of fitness and strength. I have always
had a tough core from years of training and labor. I only want to have a core
that functions for my lifestyle. I also want to be able to take a punch or a kick
with no liabilities.

Over the years I have taken many kicks and punches to the stomach and chest
just for fun and just to look at the face of some young tough guy or big muscle
head look like a bitch when I don’t move!

I have posted a few videos I have done using the Superman Pushup these are
great for the entire function of the core. Most men think they have a strong core
and most are incredible weak.

I also like to use different things to train with no matter where I am. Easy to test
yourself in the gym with the same old equipment but a different world when you
train in different environments to see what you can use that you never used before
to test yourself. If you think using a cinder block is easy give it a try, it was my first

It’s one thing to do a small amount and another to go for a full minute with exercises
most people can’t do one rep. These exercises are get full body strengtheners, and will
have you built with a rock hard body ready for battle. So when you someone rocks you
with a body shot and they just think to themselves what the fuck did I just hit! You
can always put fear in a man when they feel you can’t be hurt.

Train for Toughness!

Johnny Grube



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