Weak Men and Weak Backs Video

The video says it all! If you are a man, then be strong! Stop
making excuses, it shows you are weak physically and mentally!

If you continue to tell people how weak you are and then try
and act tough when someone calls you out or offends you, you
will not be taken seriously!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. i watched a few of your pictures at facebook and watched your videos…

    you are a pathetic, sad, weak homophob and racist!!!
    go and find your peace and stop complaining about people who behave just like you, you fucking jerk!

  2. Troy here must have a weak back. Sorry about your situation there, Troy. You should start working out.

  3. thanks for the advice glen. i know that you give it to me for free. you are very kindly. i hope it does not steal your time from producing more kids, since that is what you believe we are here for.
    maybe you could give me a workout lesson in ass-kissing???

  4. Troy you are a fag, you are weak and pathetic! Suck balls fag boy!

  5. johnny, its ok, i understand you are mad. getting fatter and uglier with each year would make me mad too. clear your thoughts first. the rest will follow

  6. Post a profile picture of yourself or better yet some videos. You could just
    stop reading the blog, or you could make a trip to Pa and show me the man
    you are, I m always willing to test myself against tough guys. Let me know.

  7. sure, lets test each other. shall we do a spelling, writing or reading competition? how about reading some simple racist lines for 1000 times in 30 minutes?
    but all jokes aside, i find your blog quite amusing, but i do not like racist, homophobs or machomen talking about how manly they are.
    it is easy to be alpha manly if you sit alone in your truck recording yourself….

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