Weak Men Are More Dangerous Than A Virus With A 99.9% Survival Rate.

America has become a bunch of pussies, being on board with having our rights stripped by elected parasites who are your new illegitimate daddy!

Men who are afraid of a virus that has a 99.9% survivability rate are in need of shame and ostracized by strong society and left to fend for themselves never offering a hand up.

The weak men hiding in their house are ballless , virgins who have nothing to defend.

The physically and mentally weak are a much bigger problem than a virus that is basically a super flu that has killed off only the weak. 

250,000 people that die in a country of over 330 million people isn’t worth mentioning.

All through history the weak and frail are the first to go, it’s nature, so let nature take it’s course.

Stop being a weak coward and let the strong men go to work.


Johnny Grube


  1. how´s your training going? Still isometrics, ab wheel and burpees?

    Stay strong!

  2. Troy, weighted walks on hills, still isometrics and ab wheel, heavy bag work etc.

    Stay strong too!

  3. Maxime Boucher says

    You rock, keep telling the truth

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