Weak Men Are….

Today’s men are more physically and mentally weak than ever before and it’s by design. 

When men are weak they won’t fight, they can’t fight!

Weak men can’t protect or provide.

Weak men use booze and or drugs to cope in tough situations instead of using mental toughness to fix the situation.

Weak men give excuses and look for sympathy.

Weak men look to get along instead of having values and living on principal.

Weak men are yes men, they are afraid others won’t like them.

Weak men give up instead of looking for other ways to move ahead.

Weak men are afraid of work long and hard they look to do as little as possible and expect to have more.

Weak men blame others for their failures, never for one second looking in the mirror at their biggest problem, the man looking back in the mirror.

Weak men are activists.

Weak men take up ugly women causes hoping it might get them laid.

Weak men prefer porn and video games to real women.

Weak men should be shamed.


Johnny Grube



  1. James Sezin says

    Let share with you my offensive opinion. Why are you so affected by these current events? So affected that you have to make videos of yourself almost daily showing the whole world how offended you are. I mean isn’t this the reason why you moved away from the city? If you are still offended by current events even after moving away from the city then I guess you are offended because you choose to be offended. I’m the one that should be offended here I live in the big city but I am NOT offended because I choose to not be offended I simply dont pay attention to all the weak men, fuck them let them be weak. This is why I stay away from social media and the news because I just cant stand this pathetic society and i think you should do the same. Stay away from social media and maybe you will stop being so offended making videos of yourself throwing tantrums almost every day. Just my personal offensive opinion here.

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