Weak Men Have Little Value!

It’s not bullshit that men today are weaker, softer, more emotional, more effeminate than in the past. As a matter of fact gay men in the 1980s were more masculine then today’s heterosexual liberals!

Liberals are weaker men, they are destroying society, they raise weaker families, raise weak sons and masculine daughters and this can only end bad!

If this offends you, you are a weak man, probably physically useless!

These weak men are backed by stronger men, who have sold out by protecting these weak, fucks, who should have to learn to stand and fight when they open their big mouth.

I am fucking tired of  seeing these weak men in my space, and actually have a hatered for these people that choose weakness instead of strength.

If you spend all day around women, in a cubicle, on social media you are going to be a less capable man!

Weak men are prey! Physically weak men are of LESS VALUE!

Weak men barely have children, they lack the strength, and ball juice to create life, from a womanly existence!

You don’t deserve to be called a man, acting like a women!


Johnny Grube


  1. Gay men were more masculine than heterosexuals??? Now that is so fucking embarrassing. Now we all strong men have something to laugh about.

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