Weak Men Hide Behind Closed Doors

The subjects I write about come from experience the years of study and training. I’m harsh. I responded better when people were harsh with me. It might have pissed me off but I knew they were right.

If I didn’t respect a person it didn’t matter what they said.

You earn respect from me, by showing you deserve respect.

My opinions come from my experiences of the life I lived, and the environment I thrived in.

At 50 I already raised 4 grown kids and now have seven grand kidsĀ  just that alone gives me a ton of life experience.

I write about what I believe, from the experiences I lived and have been exposed to, and it’s offensive to people who have no life experience, or have lived a soft life.

Physical confrontation is a thing of the past, men are just not capable of anything physical.

The degenerative men who hide in society, who are weak physically and mentally would never confront another man he sees as strong!

The weak man calls another man names when he knows he is hidden.

I had an altercation a couple weeks ago over text message. I told a guy we can have the discussion in person, and stopped the texting.

So, on a recent visit to my home state of New Jersey, I personally confronted this person!

And it was fuckin unbelievable he had nothing to say, while I belittled him in the street in front of his girlfriend.

Should a 50 year old be more mature than a 30 year old man?

Fuck mature, you have a big mouth be prepared to be called out by someone who has no problem with face to face confrontation!

It’s the weak men who talk tough who avoid confrontation that are immature, because mature men handle their business!

I grew up in a time where you open your mouth, you get punched in the mouth!

People were more polite where possible violence was around the corner.

But, today the big mouth trouble making weaklings are protected.

Like my beliefs or not, doesn’t matter, because men are being kept down, they are afraid to speak up, they are afraid to embrace strength.

No matter what you think, men who play hide and seek online are the problem, because they can’t defend themselves in the real world.

Masculinity is lost on men who won’t stand and fight.I

Physical strength is lost on weak men who cower from the thought of anything strong!

Ignore these men, they are poison, they have nothing to offer.

Basically, you can’t be a man with a big mouth who refuses to back it up.

Johnny Grube


  1. Fuck weak men . They are a God dam embarrassment

  2. Marovsky says

    Hell yeah John Grube!!

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