Weak Men Lead From The Couch!

All real men want to be known for their toughness, only a weak apologetic man would take offense to toughness.

Toughness is earned, it can never be given, toughness starts early in life and continues until the end of life.

But real toughness comes in the end, did the man live the end of his life in toughness or throw in the towel and embrace weakness and giving up.

You can say your tough but people know whether you are or not!

You can look at yourself as tough, every man does, the fact is few men are actually tough until the end!

I hear young men, and men only five years older then me, talking toughness, while all the time complaining about about their age, their injuries.

It amazes me the men my age who look 10 to 15 years older than I do, and it wasn’t from me having a pampered life!

I stay young because I take being a man serious, to be able to protect and provide and lead my family!

A man can NOT lead from the couch!

Think about how many men actually try and lead a family sitting on the couch, drinking, getting fatter and weaker!

I met a man in his 50s who was loading my truck, two times he went out for a short smoke break, I said smoking is bad for you, he said he didn’t start smoking until 35, I asked why? He said his wife smoked. Then, he said I couldn’t beat her, so he joined her!

So instead of being strong, he quit and started on a life destroying habit, because he is weak and can’t lead!

Men that bark orders at their wives and kids, who expects more from them but less from themselves, are failed men!

Men that are weak and lead from the couch, who never do anything to improve, tend to act more intelligent than men that are strong who are constantly looking for ways to improve their families strength and lifestyle!

Weak men are tied up in what makes them feel good, and NOT what benefits their family!

A man gets fatter and wonders why his wife no longer wants to fuck, he doesn’t understand that strong men who provide, protect and lead get sex when they want it, their wives or girlfriend know he earned it through protecting, providing, leading and living a strong and tough life!

Most men work 37 hour work weeks, they send their wives to work so they can put their children in day care letting someone else raise their kid.

Parents raising their own kids is very rare today!

A man that puts in the minimum hours a week and struggles needs a second job, maybe a third job!

There is 168 hours in a week, and some men think 37 hours a week is a tough week even though there is 131 hours left!

Basically, a 37 – 40 hour work week is a part time job!

Men who get weaker, who never grow, who vilify strength are unhappy unfullied, have unhappy wives, and weak kids.

All 4 of my kids are all grown ages 20 to 32 years old with 7 grandkids, and I would NOT hesitate to put a foot up my kids ass if they wanted to fail as a mother or father!

Lead standing up! Lead getting strong! Lead building toughness!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    Nail it in the head John Grube!

    I did 500 push ups, 500 squats, 2 minute isometric holds, with a backpack as extra resistance. Building mental and physical toughness!!

  2. Men who make their wives work are bottom of the barrel. How could they hold their heads high . Men are making me fucking sick these days . Great article as always

  3. Don”t forget to tell those who don”t watch your YouTube channel that you did this at 4am before work! Extra Mental strain and Toughness builder!

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