Weak Men Who Attack Strong Men

Weakness is societies new strength, people go to weakness and look
for the victim status like it’s a great virtue! Today we have weak men
who play tough guys on social media who try and recreate who they
actually are.

Weak men attack strong men on social media because they know they are
safe, because they will never tell you who they are, they will never post a
video and it’s because they can’t!

A strong man will call out another face to face, a weak man will hide behind
a keyboard in their safe space knowing that it is unlikely they will ever be
confronted! Weak men NEVER confront another, they are effeminate men
who are offended by anything strong and offensive.

Just like a weak animal in the wild, sooner or later they are separated from
other weak animals and are quickly fed upon!

Weak men are a disease, weak men are not respected, except by other weak
pathetic victimized men!

Toughness Builds Strength

Johnny Grube


  1. you are funny! and you really have one of the most entertaining blogs out there!
    keep up the work!

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