Weak Men Who Look For Sympathy From Ugly Women On Social Media

Men are absolutely fucked up!

There is nothing more weak than a so called “Man” who tells the world about his problems, and how weak he actually is.

These men are like little bitches, they like to argue thinking telling social media your weakness is some how considered strength!

These weaklings are looking for sympathy from other weak men, freaks and ugly women who are also as damaged as they are.

The fragile minded cry babies who look for sympathy from ugly women also look for disability from the tax payers because they lack strength and resilience.

Ugly Women and weak men work well together, because like attracts like and they can feel better knowing others are as weak and fragile as they are.

The ugly women aren’t having sex and the weak males have erectile dysfunction from jerkoff to porn!

Men who look for sympathy by telling the world of their weakness is always weakness.

If you need help get help. But stop telling everyone how strong you are while having ugly women defend you.

No women wants a man who looks for sympathy, no man wants a friend that looks for sympathy.

Be a man and fix your own problems and stop burdening the world with your weakness!

Johnny Grube


  1. Weak men have absolutely no honor at all . Great to see you back with another article. Miss the articles . Men these days are getting with ugly women that collect SSI checks so their weak asses don’t have to work, and these bastards swear they’re the toughest breed around . Fucking weak ass mfks .

    Great article

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