Weakness Is More Common Than Strength!

With all the emotionally weak fag boys running around, all the ugly dyed haired jurassic women who are laying in fetal positions when they hear a word that cripples them mentally you have people breeding these value less people as the next leaders!

Men who show constant weakness, who make excuses, who play a victim, who look for never ending sympathy for being constant losers should be eliminated from your life.

Weak people need to be led, they need someone to tell them what to do, the are easily brainwashed into believing they have real power! And the sad part is, they do. Weakness is more normal than strength.

Today weakness is more common than strength!

Weakness and the people who promote weakness as a value are parasites, the real enemy, the people that want to change the way we think.

Equality is for the weak masses who want to go along with the degenerates that are all around us, the people who are looking to fit in.

These people are left out, no one respects them, the feeble minded who shoot up schools because girls rejected them are the dangerous.

The feeble minded weak are the dangerous, they rape, murder, commit suicide, hurt children, the strong don’t do things like that.

Only rejected failures look for sympathy and make excuses.

No one can help the emotionally damaged, so don’t try. Just be prepared when you come into contact and watch your back.

These are people brainwashed into thinking they deserve or are entitled to be treated equal and should have what you have worked hard for.

People who would rather have government run their lives are the parasitic enemy of you and your family.

Stand on your own hard work, be prepared to fight back, don’t allow society to brainwash you into thinking degenerate lifestyles are natural!

Johnny Grube


  1. Equality = dragging everyone down to the lowest level. A policy of the terminally weak who know they will never be able to improve themselves

  2. Right again Rob! Accepting equality is for the diseased weak who are allowed to walk the same path as people who earned the right!

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