Weakness Waste Land

Today most of society want to change the way we have done things in the name of
social justice. We have become a weak nation of cry baby fucks that want to give up
the society that has shed blood to keep our freedom.

Hero’s today are the villains!

The black thug criminal, feminists, homosexuals, transgender freaks and illegal
immigrants are who society is fighting for! The problem is the fuck fucks that are
calling for these stances.

WEAK FUCKS, are destroying a once strong society!

And society at large is responsible for the weakness, they embrace a weak culture
of men who are effeminate. Obesity and weakness are now embraced!

Men are fighters! Men are supposed to provide and protect. Society is so fucking
backwards with weakness that women are now becoming the providers and men
are becoming the little house bitches!

I do NOT want to hear the bullshit from some little house bitch that tells me it
is perfectly manly to stay home while the wife goes out and earns the living.

If this is the case you are the weaker gender and your wife is the moron who
would allow her man to sit home and be looked at as the weaker of the two.

Weakness is spreading like a toxic waste land and until strong people stand up
and start doing their part we will soon be in a position that can’t be saved by
the weaker society that we are breeding!

Stand the FUCK up you weak men and start doing your part as men!

Strength Builds Toughness

Johnny Grube

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