Weighted Carrying for Building Mental and Physical Toughness

I see so many of these workouts where the people use 40 to maybe
60lbs and call these loaded carries. They carry a light weight for
25 yards put it down and rest! And they call that loaded carry, what
bull shit! Who can’t carry 60lbs a fucking 1/4 mile you better work

Try carrying close to your bodyweight, even the strongest big boys aren’t
carrying their bodyweight 30 minutes. How many 300lb men could carry
an extra 300lbs or 290lbs and walk for 30 minutes?

I see theseĀ  big men carrying a 100lbs less then they weigh if that
was the case I could walk for a least a couple hours with 100 lbs less
then I weigh.

In real life weighted carries will get you farther than curls, kettlebell swings
they build a real completely strong body!


Workers of the world carry a heavy burden on their shoulders. They sweat and toil every day in difficult conditions, like this worker in Pattipola carrying a heavy load of firewood.

Mental Toughness Workout: Weighted Carry of 150 lbs for
30 non stop minutes just 10lbs off my bodyweight of 160lbs

Loaded up with 40lb weight vest, 10lbs on each ankle
(20lb total), 5lbs on each wrist (10lb) total and 80lb heavy
bag on my shoulder.

Give it a try, try carrying almost your total bodyweight for
30 non stop minutes.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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