What is Your Limit

I have said it before to be really fit it has to be a lifestyle a way of life, you never
get good at anything doing it once in a while, like anything you need a plan a focused
goal and you need to take action. Just because I can’t do more one day than the next
I would not call it failure, it would call it body adjusting, meaning the body will always
adjust. I can’t continue to try and explain how the body will respond to the stress it’s

It comes down to the attitude, it takes years of concentrated effort to continue to get
better and to build a certain body toughness, when a man thinks he’s weak he is weak,
any man can get strong; the problem is when you comparing yourself to every garage
gorilla that lifts weights you need to be in it for the long haul.

I know I’m not the worlds fittest man but I’m no push over either I just try and do the
best that I can with what I got and after focused effort and years of work I have found
that I can do more than I ever thought.

Most men take there training like everything else in their life laid back and no real attempt
to be the best THEY can be, I do know that you can push far and beyond your current level
if it’s important and as long as you feel and think you know what your limits are is when failure
is certain.

We all come to a point when we feel I can’t do no more or I’m just not a genetic freak you work with
what you have, you all can’t be good at everything it’s just impossible so you choose your battles,
if you have two bad knees and running is painful you could try pushups and become better than
almost anyone else, because it’s your thing.

Lance Armstrong wasn’t training to do triathlons he focused on biking, all the greats focus on their
sport or activity, it’s the man who jumps from one thing to another that really never becomes the best
he can be because he is always trying to be okay at everything, stop trying to be like everyone else,
compete with yourself, focus on your goal and work to achieve what you set to achieve.

Decide where you want to go, decide what you want to excel at; and do the work to get you to your
destination.Who wants to be jack of all trades – master of none ?
Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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