What’s more important your looks or your health?

What’s more important to you your looks or your health? For most
people it’s looks. Yeah, that’s right looks come first. People rather
have a chiseled six pack then worry about their health and fitness.

Don’t believe me look at the way most people live. Look in any
convenience store, look in any restaurant, look in any mall, look
at how the fast food parking lots are always filled with cars.

As a matter of fact the few places the recession probably hasn’t
hit is fast food, the liquor stores, bars and the casinos.

Funny, people with no jobs and no money eat fast food, drink
booze ,buy cigarettes and gamble. These people will tell you
they care about their health but they really don’t care, they only
care about looking good.

Do you know people that go to the gym that drink soda, get drunk, pass
out in the name of fun, smoke ciggerettes do drugs and eat fast food?

Yes, so why do they go to the gym? For better heath, no to look better-
to drop a few pounds, they can care less about their health. As a matter
of fact they only care about their health for a short period and will usually
go right back to their old destructive ways.

I’ve known people that have had massive heart attacks almost die and a few
months later start eating fast food. I knew a 40 year old that had a heart
attack and a couple of months later she was back to smoking. So do think
most people rather look good or be healthy?

My opinion if you smoke, eat fast food drink tons of alchol you don’t really
care about your health. I know life is to short to limit the good tasting food
that’s what living is all about, eating and dieing.

I love the people that say everything in moderation. Lets see. I guess smoking
in moderation is o.k. I guess doing drugs in moderation is o.k see that’s where
we fall short.

Can you really do things in moderation? Smoking is a habit, drugs become a habit
eating to much food becomes a habit. If you like a certain food that you eat to
excess then you should give that food up. Just like if you quit smoking or gave
up drugs or the bottle.

As a matter of fact I have never heard anyone tell me they want to lose weight to
become healthy it’s always to lose a few pounds for the beach this summer or to
get into some old pants they never say I need to get healthy.

Health and fitness should be you #1 priority and looks will come when you care about
the food you put in your body.

As always would love to here your comments

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Looking good and function strength are not mutually exclusive. A chiselled six pack indicates a good core. Everything I read says good abs go a long way towards keeping your lower back healthy. Everyone has different motives to gym membership…do not generalize. Do I want to look good on the beach, damm skippy, do I want a six pack, you bet, leaving in a few to work on it tonight. In between those sit ups I will be doing dips and pull ups, just the thing you advocate right here. I love the iron, but if you cannot do dips and pull ups, it is fake stregnth.


  2. John William Chalus says

    Do you give discounts to armed forces veterans? How about disabled veterans?

  3. Howie Feesmeier says

    Keep telling it like it is my Brother. We need more men like you. Also, I am still waiting for that Wildman T-shirt line. At 53 I am looking good, feeling great and out performing 25 year olds by using your methods. Thanks a bunch for keeping fitness real.


  4. Aaron Vaughn says

    it never fails to amaze me about the truth you speak….you are a modern day evangelist for the health and fitness arena. I bought your program and have slowly started to implement exercises. My family is starting to eat better, get off SODA(man its hard) and create habits that will last. Thanks for not holding back and for telling it like it is.


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    What’s more important your looks or your health?

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