What’s the correct way to do a Burpee?

So what is the correct way to do a burpee? All the experts in the United States
say the burpee is done with a pushup. But according to the Guinness book of
world records the Burpee is done without a pushup.

That’s why I call the burpee done with a pushup a U.S Burpee and the Burpee
without a pushup the U.K Burpee. So which is right? I go with what is done
world wide.

The U.S. Burpee is a harder exercise because of the pushup but the U.K Burpee
is still a tough exercise that will whip you into shape. I do both.

The world record for the most Burpees in 1 hour is 1,850 set by Paddy Doyle,
set in 1995 why has it stood for so long? Because it’s a brutal exercise. Anyone
who has done a 100 burpees knows how brutal that would be.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. You have got the Burpee names the wrong way around:

    Burpee without push-up is most certainly the U.S Burpee, & with the Push-up, is the U.K Burpee. However the full U.K Burpee is plyo press-up thigh slap. Removing the press-up is an American idea, as we know you always take the easier option;-)

  2. I would like to know where you got your info from. As far as taking the easy
    way out,are you talking about Americans or me. I would like to know your resource.

  3. From what I understand, a burpee includes a pushup, and SQUAT THRUST is like a burpee, but without the pushup.

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