When Did Men Start Calling Out Of Work For Sickness And Injury?

Men who constantly talk about sickness and injury are always sick and injured.
When did men start to complain about sickness and injury?
When did men start calling out of work because of sickness?
Men seem to not understand, when you get hired, it’s because you have a role to fill,
in a labor environment, if you miss work someone has to pick up your slack, and if
you don’t care others are now pulling your weight, you are a weak selfish man!
It happens, I get it, on occasion you get sick and injured, but it’s your toughness
and durability that keeps you down!
In the last 6 years I have missed 0 days of work, working through colds, and long lasting
In the last probably 20 years except for vacation probably haven’t missed 5 days!
An example would be I have had food poisoning 3 times in my life, and a couple of days
ago, I had food poisoning, woke up at 5:00 AM throwing up and other things that go
with food poisoning, still was at work on time for a full day!
I can use other examples
of hard guys that worked their asses off rarely ever missing work, but why not use me
as the example, I am writing it.
Life is to easy for the working man, and men actually convince themselves they deserve
to take off if they are sick, because they hold the place together, and everyone else does it!
No, it’s just you aren’t as tough and durable as you think you are, you play tough but, every
time you take a day off from sickness or injury you get mentally weaker, and it gets easier
to give up, and sit home, while others carry your weight!
Men take pride in being strong, and part of a team, but men consistently let co workers down,
like them or not you have responsibility!
After 30 years working in a labor environment, and training since I was 12,
having tons of injuries, I still carried myself into work, whether it was from
lack of sleep because of the pain, or working multiple job, working fucked up
knees, shoulders, neck injuries, broken fingers etc but you tough it out, you
build a durability that  few can claim!
Men are not supposed to cry to other men about injury, in the gym I guess you
get sympathy, in a manual labor environment you got your balls busted for
showing weakness!
Even more embarrassing is a sit down job, I can’t think of any reason to miss work from
injury if all you do is sit!
Start living old school, be as strong as you want, but you are only as durable as your mindset!

If you are offended, it’s because you are pissed at me for calling you out,BITCH!

Johnny Grube



  1. Trust me I know many with sit down jobs that you wouldn’t believe how much they bitch and complain . They’re always tired when all they do is do something like Mall Security lol . Then they’re home and on YouTube allday but say they’re exhausted lol . This type spoken of is bottom of the barrel , little dick cry baby whining bastards lol. And on top of it all they have a woman bossing them around lol . Weak men have absolutely no honor at all . I wouldn’t piss on fire to put them out .

  2. so, how is your stomach doing?

    feel better now?

  3. What are you eating that’s giving you food poisoning so much? My guess is some kind of meat.

  4. Surly, Three times in my WHOLE life. Once over 20 years ago deep fried cauliflower, liver one time, and the last time seafood and still made it to work.

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