Where Did All Our Pride Go?

I don’t just blog and write about health and fitness I also need to
talk about the pride men and women take in themselves. One thing
I see all the time and never used to see is the unbelievable amount
of men and women driving around and using handicapped placards.

Back some years the men and women who had a handicapped placard
were actually old and handicapped. Today, it seems young and old
are considered handicapped. But the biggest issue I see and the ones
who are using these handicapped placards are just plain fat.

So am I to believe that if you’re fat you are handicapped? These are
the things that drive me nuts. Every time I see someone parking in
a handicapped space with no apparent medical condition ( no cane,
no walker, no special shoes, no oxygen tanks, etc) except being grossly
overweight burns me up!

Most people want to do what ever they can to make everything as easy
as possible even if it means faking your handicapped. I really think that
if someone who has a handicapped placard for problems caused by
self defeating habits should be ridiculed.

We live in a time where we must be careful not to offend someone or their
feeling s may get hurt, what is this 5th grade? Everyone has an excuse
for their situation and very few will own up to it being all their fault.

The more violent the world gets the softer we seem to be getting everyone
wants warm and fuzzy and wants to be held. We need to hold everyone and tell
them that it’s okay your fat and that it’s okay you do drugs it’s not your fault
you have had a tough life.

It comes down to dealing with your own problems and making them right and
not blaming anyone for your problems. The people who live with no pride
and blame everyone else are the same people that don’t realize that when
things go wrong in their lives there is always one personĀ  at the scene
of everyone of their problems… Them.

This goes hand in hand with fitness and health it’s about being the best
you can be and not getting sucked into this way of thinking or being in
contact with people like this. Complainers and whiners will wreck your
physical and mental health over time.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Brooklyn says

    Between them and the ones who scam the system saying they are depressed etc… just to get a check from the state . Really urks my nerves

  2. Yeah real pathetic this society has become! We need to stand a try and teach this fallen generation what it means to stand and fight not run and hide behind politicians.

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