Where Do You Stand?

Today more than ever we lack discipline. It’s become too easy and comfortable.

You heard the comment hard times make strong men and weak times make weak men. We live so comfortable we make up shit to complain about, our reality has become distorted from indoctrination from ALL media, TV, Hollywood, politicians, and the biggest one social media.

Add in booze, and drugs and you have a country of actual mindless zombies who can no longer think for themselves, and people who grew up without social media are following right along afraid of what others will say if they use actual logic and go against what the majority think.

If we have any chance we need to push back against the insanity they are pushing us to believe, just because its on a tv show you like doesn’t mean its right or logical, the people in charge use all sources of entertainment to change your mind into their way of thinking. 

No one stands for anything of value anymore.  Most people stayed home and locked up because a virus with a 99.7% rate might infect you, really?

If you wear a mask and tell others you just don’t want to be called out in public, or you are just being nice, are you? I doubt it, what happened is you lost your ability to fight!

You have become afraid of what others may think even though it goes against your own logic!

Some say, it’s no big deal to wear a mask, really? It’s is when the government mandate’s it!

What makes us any different then living in a communist country?

We have rights in this country but cowards would rather give up their rights just to go along.

We all live by laws, and slowly we are losing more and more rights.

I like old America, I like the way men stood a fought, and how women raised their own kids, and how we had fight as a country.

Where do you stand?

~ Strength ~




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