Where You Stand On A $15 Minimum Wage Shows Strength Or Weakness.

There is a lot of people who think $15 should the minimum wage paid to someone for doing nothing but walking in the door, with no experience or work ethic.

If you are a man fighting for a $15 minimum wage it’s more than likely you are a weak pathetic male who has no ambition outside daily jerking off sessions to porn.

The man who feels entitled to $15 an hour is also not getting laid. If they are getting laid, it’s from a fat, tattooed, shaved head beast with a bull ring through her nose.

And if you knock her up by mistake she will raise your kid the opposite gender the kid was born.

Strong men earn their way!

Weak men join other weak men and ugly women in fighting for social justice policies.

$15 an hour is already costing high school kids jobs, and most stores are replacing workers with self checkouts.

I remember earning $3.35 an hour and not complaining about it, if I was unhappy I found a better paying job.

I always rised to the top in any job I had earning great income raising a family while my wife stayed home raising our kids.

There was a time men worked multiple jobs to make up for their lack of income, they worked hard, came to work everyday, came in early, stayed late asked for more hours they became more valuable and would grow through the company.

Minimum wage workers are always outside huddled together in a smoker circle, $8 a pack of cigarettes and they complain they aren’t paid enough while scrolling through their iPhone.

Now pussy males and women want a middle class life asking if you want fries with that!

Only weak males are victims and feel entitled to things they never earned.

Strong men earn their way, and take responsibility.

If you are offended, it means you feel entitled and it makes you weak!

Johnny Grube.


  1. The irony is , a lot of the people who demand a higher wage would be the first to get fired when their employer had to make job cuts to pay for it. But this is the something -for nothing mentality. Also why do the career-unemployed demand higher wages , they will not work for any wage so what does it matter to them.

  2. Rob, you need a blog.

  3. I guess you like some of my comments , so thanks !
    What puts me off is that there’s not so many things I could write about compared to other men out there who have done things I haven’t, like been through real hardships , run a business , raised a family and so on.

  4. I like most of your comments. You must have some views of society that people you would enjoy.

  5. Maybe. I’ll give it some thought

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