Who Are Today’s Toughest Men?

Since the beginning of my blue collar existence which has been my entire life, I have been around some tough dudes.

Of course, today everyone is a tough guy, and with the internet every guy who watches boxing, mma, pro football and all other contact sports is a tough guy.

Every guy lifting big oversized weights taking selfies in the gym are also tough guys.

Every guy who has ever taken a Ju Jitsu class is qualified to tell cops how to disarm an armed attacker without lethal force.

I have worked around every type of blue collar worker from union to non union construction worker, roofer, iron worker, plumber, gas well workers, miners, dock workers, truck drivers, welders, police, military, federal and state prison guards, felons, martial arts black belts, pro wrestlers etc.

But the toughest men today are the “Social Media” tough guys!

Social media tough guys are all over social media but I have NEVER met one in person, why?

Because they don’t exist!

They are fragile men who are afraid of their shadows, they were high school band geeks, the goth kids, the pimple faced reject who has gotten even fatter and more pathetic.

These are the people who cyber bully people, and if you turn off your internet they go away, cyber bullies are weaklings who were bullied by real bullies, and have no choice but to stay hidden and keep their mouths shut or suffer even more humiliating beatings.

I have never had a social media tough guy come up to me in my neighborhood, because they hide, looking out their window making sure I’m not outside, because like an animal I can smell pussy a block away!

I bet most of you have never encountered the social media tough guy outside their safe space!

It you ever do encounter the social media guy whip his ass so he stays off the street, and stays hidden.

Johnny Grube


  1. Unfortunately I’ve known many guys like this, and knowledge of their presence is why I will never work in IT again once I leave the Navy. They’re protected by regulations and bureaucratic intervention in the office, but it’s funny how they’re silent and deferential everywhere else.

  2. I have never ran into one of these guys who have the balls to say anything, because they know they will get smacked.

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