Who Is The Most Dangerous Man?

“The most dangerous man, is the man with nothing to lose”

Ever wonder why all the experts in self defense are martial artists who probably never had a street altercation.

When I was a kid taking Shotokan Karate I knew what I was being taught is not how people fight outside the dojo.

I knew early on I better learn how to adapt karate to the street!

Ever see a self defense expert who has 20 years on the police force, and the only qualifications he has is 20 years on the police force.

The police are heavily armed on the streets, with radio communication and lots of back up.

Ever hear of a cop getting his ass whipped by a criminal half his size?

Remember most criminals aren’t trained martial artists, and they don’t spend time training in the gym, until they go to jail.

Most cops can’t handle a man by himself, why?

For street survival I will take advice from the man who survives in the street, not the man who is heavily armed or spends his time sparring inside the gym, with techniques that takes years to learn.

It doesn’t take fancy moves to survive it takes a savagery mindset!

In the street, street survival isn’t about fancy moves, it’s about ending the confrontation quick, preferably without getting physical, but either way end it fast!

Too many experts are pushing Brazilan jiu jitsu as the most effective training for the street and I think its only effective one on one, whether BJJ has been tested in the ring, it makes no sense to go to the ground and stay on the ground!

The best example is to watch TFC Team Fighting Championship a 5 on 5 fight, and you can see the results when it becomes two or three on one.

When ever you pull a guy close he has the chance of using a hidden weapon.

What’s more effective looking for an arm bar or gouging an eye?

Are you willing, if a guys pulls you close, to bite him right in the face?

You can say yes, but deep down inside you know if you could or not.

If you never had to gouge an eye or bite someone in the face, how do you know how you will react?

I love wrestling for the sport, but in the street I use it to stay on my feet so I can strike!

I’m not an expert in martial arts, but have been able to handle my business and even against multiple attackers.

If BJJ is your go to, and two or three attack you, do you grab one and try to submit him, or do you think his buddies will use your head as soccer ball?

Strength and conditioning is extremely important but useless if you can’t defend yourself!

I would recommend combat of some kind only because it’s primal, and men could use some extra violence in their lives, to keep the edge.

Just stopped being suckered in thinking that without martial arts you can’t be effective!

Johnny Grube



  1. Having lots of strength and conditioning + extremely violent in the streets = DANGEROUS MAN!!!

  2. Only one way to give and or take a ass whopping and it’s not with gloves on or with a referee. If a man has never been in real street brawls he has no idea what a true fight is . Great post John

  3. Brazilian Ju Jutsu is based on Judo. Most of what you see was invented a long time ago. The Gracies simply took the ground fighting aspects of Judo and focused on that. Nothing wrong with that, but I still give credit where credit is due.

    Speaking for myself, I much prefer grappling arts. Judo or wrestling work great .Punches and kicks are fine but I would rather execute a take-down and pin my attacker to the floor. Using kicks against a wrestler is not smart.

  4. @Chuck

    We wildmen are dangerous! Training everyday to destroy!!

  5. @Marovsky

    We are the types not to be fucked with !

  6. Paul, I love wrestling, it’s my favorite sport! But in my experience, whether in the street, or being a bouncer, I will stay on my feet and strike and only use grappling to stop going to the ground.

    If a guy took me to the ground and he ends up on the bottom it doesn’t take much to smash a guys head in to the concrete, fight over!

  7. The mighty atom is a legend, he got jumped by six longshoreman, but yet he was able to beat all of their asses.

  8. Appalachian WildMan! says

    Johnny I once saw an add for a product you were working on called street wrestling, when will we get to buy that?! You guys should practice Mongolian wrestling or try amateur Sumo its very physical and requires real fitness to compete. I routinely knock big fat farmboys who think there tough on there asses when we get rowdy after our 12 hour shift in the mines.

  9. Appalachian Wildman I always watch Mongolian wrestling always say I would love to go there and try it.

    What’s your background!

  10. Marovsky, The Mighty Atom also trained with a lot of

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