Why are men soft, weak and fat

Why are men soft, weak and fat

You probably already know this, but if you look around you will see a mountain
of fat everywhere you look.  Men, women, teenagers and kids, and every year
people get fatter and fatter despite all that they know about nutrition.

So why is this becoming an epidemic? Because people don’t care. They
have grown accustomed to being fat and out of shape. People by nature
seem to always follow the masses, and because more than half the world
is fat, unhealthy and out of shape it has become o.k. it is now socially
acceptable to be this way.

Most of today’s men should be ashamed of themselves. Weak, soft and fat,
and not a care in the world. Men think that if you aren’t a meat and potato
guy you are some kind of sissy. A lot of men think to have fun and to relax
you need to pour gallons of booze down your throat.

So let’s add drunk and stupid to the list. All men have egos and most will tell
you that they are good shape for their age; yeah round is a shape but I don’t
know how good it is.

It just comes down to being lazy and not caring about what’s important in life,
their life. Lack of physical exercise and excess eating is making these men
pathetic men. Men are supposed to be strong and fit, it’s been that way from
the beginning of time, it was their job to protect and serve. But today’s women
are making these men look even more pathetic.

Watch men today, they can’t even lift small objects in their car or truck without
the help of a store employee, I love when the girlfriend or wife stand there
watching and probably thinking didn’t I marry a man?

Hey men, ever go home and your wife moved all the furniture around all by
herself.  The reason is she knows you can’t do it without hurting your back
and then calling off work.

The young and the old alike are just killing themselves and with the rising cost
of health insurance soon it will be so high that even employers won’t be able
keep up with the cost meaning you will be responsible for your own health care.

Hey, eating less, and more natural foods and a little physical activity will go a long

I will give you great workout that you can do without any equipment that
will build quickness, and burn fat: The pushup sprint.

Simple mark off 10 to 20 yards, start in the pushup position then explode
into a sprint walk back and repeat. Every sprint you need to stay with or chest
completely on the ground. I did 50 in a row it was tough I was sore the next
day. So be careful not to over do it.

Watch the video

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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