Why Boys Grow Into Weak Men.

Strength is something you have to build, whether physically or mentally, it is built through years of pain. A man can’t expect strength having never lived through years of pain and struggle.

It is impossible to wake up after years of someone making your life easy and decide today I’m going to be strong and hard, because you have no idea the stress you are going to have to endure to become stronger and harder.

Men have to grow through struggle as a boy into manhood, they can not become a man without the pain and struggle.

A man who has never suffered to get stronger, can rarely get stronger, they have been wired to take it easy. They have been wired to NOT be held accountable or responsible, they are wired to expect something for nothing, and when they don’t get it, it’s the fault of an oppressive society.

Men are weak because we allow men to be weak!

Men are weak because their fathers allowed them to be weak, either because they  themselves were weak and set a shit example or they are not around.

Fathers that make excuses, shirk responsibility, spend time laid off and unemployed, while looking for handouts, while complaining how unfair life is, in most cases raise weak fucks!

The things that made boys strong was confrontation, competitions, conflicts, earning their way, fights on the playground, winning, losing, being disciplined, finding out where they fit in among other groups of boys.

If they don’t find their way and they need their hand held they will grow in to weak men.

Strong men are never afraid to voice and stand on a position, if you were a weak boy, you WILL be a weak man when pushed to change a position or to stop conflict that goes against your belief.

Physically and mentally weak boys will almost always grow into weak men.

I don’t think a boy can grow strong without ever being in a physically altercation, a boy who has never been in a fight whether win or lose can’t actually grow strong!

A boy needs a fight or two under his belt, to grow!

You need to earn it!

Johnny Grube

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