Why Do I Record My Entire Workouts?

Do any of you know why I record my entire workout?

1. I have no one videoing me, I train in solitude.

2. I’m NOT going to stop my workout, just to shut down the video.

3. Very few actually show their workouts, gurus seem to show an exercise but never show actual workouts. And IF they show the workouts it’s edited, and you have no idea what they can really do.

4. I do it to give people a frame of reference, to see how I work through the training, how long I might rest, the struggle I’m having, and to give them a time to see where they fall.

5. I have been training in solitude for over 20 years, and don’t need to post videos to feel good, because the workout makes me feel good either way.

6. Personally I wouldn’t watch a 17 minute video of someone training, UNLESS, I was studying someone.

When I decided to attempt and break a Paddy Doyle “Step up” World Record I bought every video and read every book he wrote to get inside his head, to see how he did the exercises, if he rested at all, etc.

If you want to beat the best, you study the best!

Like my training or not, it’s effective, and 99.9999% of the men population couldn’t finish a short workout I post.

I don’t live in the gym, I don’t go to the gym, training people is not the way I earn my income.

So think about the gurus who can’t prove they are conditioned, and remember I’m just a guy who trains with short workouts, and still does some pretty impressive things with non impressive workouts or bullshit exercises!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    Training in solitude:
    Training in my cave, getting fitter and stronger for anything!

  2. You’re the fucking man !!!!

  3. Thanks brother!

  4. You are the only “guru” who tells it like it is, and backs it up with proof, a “guru” who actually does the workouts he recommends. Right on, Johnny!

  5. He’s the real deal when it comes to physical fitness.

  6. Thanks Marovsky!

  7. Just did 20 descending sets of prisoner squat thrusts, brutal as fuck!!

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