Why I Don’t Do Pullups!

I get a lot of questions and lately been asked why I don’t do pullups or show pullups or
chinups in my videos. Easy, cause I don’t want to! I have done pullups/chinups my
whole life from grade school to just a couple of years ago.


Despite what some might think, I have NEVER been that kid who just hung there kicking
their feet! Some even try to insult me thinking they are going to get me to show them
me doing pullups. These fuck heads think they can play high school bullshit head games
on the master of head games, good luck with that.

Many people know I blog many people I grew up with and worked with and not a single
guy has ever called me out on any strength or fitness claim, why? because they know
me they have seen me train and work.


I have stopped doing exercises that don’t help me with my lifestyle. I can climb a tree, a
fence and climb over a wall if I was called to do so, doing pullups is just not part of my
training right now.  There are a lot of things I stopped doing, one is doing a lot of pushups
for high reps.

As a matter of fact for the last year I hardly did any pushups, but was called upon to do
22 pushups for 22 days for the military men and women that get PTSD and commit

I decided to do 22 different pushups for 22 days and I did some pretty hard ones even
though I barely did any pushups for an entire year.

So if I didn’t train to do pushups for a year how can I still do pushups most people couldn’t
manage five? Maybe most men just have no idea what it is to have the

strength of a man who has been training for over 35 years and laboring over

I only train for what is useful for me! Not what is useful for everyone else!

Strength Builds Toughness

Johnny Grube



  1. as fas as i remember, you did ring push ups last year. i know it because i then tried it too, but found other versions more interesting. also, you pushed the idea that high rep push ups are useful, but now you think the opposite?
    well, i also would not do anything in trainig what is not useful for me. and high rep push ups are more of a morning recharge than real strength training.

  2. Yeah Troy I might have done a few pushups in the last year, but
    it was rare. But things change and I just don’t have the same
    needs as I used to.

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