Why Men Lack Confidence!

Men today lack confidence because no one is held to a higher standard, it is socially acceptable to be less then you can be.

Men cry, bitch and moan about what other men accomplish, trying to belittle their
accomplishments, because they lack any accomplishments of their own! You can’t have
confidence worrying what others do.

Confidence comes from accomplishment and failures, if you have no confidence in your
ability, its because you are afraid to try things and fail.

You can’t build confidence behind a keyboard talking smack you can’t back up!

The no confidence keyboard man is the man who hates women, hates the guy that drives a great car, is offended
by words, screams victim-hood all while acting like a bad ass while hiding his identity.

You can make up a fairy tale life online, but you’re easily exposed by how much you bitch and cry,
or how you blame everyone for the pathetic life you live!

Your opinions have NO value when you have no experience, lack confidence or hide your identity.

You want confidence? Be a fucking man, do the things men do, stop being a fucking sissy!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    Keyboard warriors urk my fucking nerves! This is a very good post John. Glad to see all the new content.

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