Wildman Conditioned Strength #1

Years ago I did the type of training that was only useful for the specific exercises I trained for.

Runners who only run, are capable of basically running.

Runners who don’t do pushups, can’t do a lot of pushups, just because they run.

A guy that has a big bench press will not mean he’s a great swimmer.

Most people train for the gym!

I train for reality, I train to be ready, I no longer care about my size, I care about how I perform!

My oldest daughter has compared me to a freak of nature, but only because she knows the way I live my life.

Freak of nature is for my durability, and I said it before your wife and kids should look at you like superman or a freak of nature.

I gave up ALL training I feel is useless to me and for my lifestyle.

I have made my training easy to do anywhere, because in the real world there is no time for stretching, putting on gym shoes, gloves, grabbing a water bottle etc.

Always be ready, don’t train for laying on the beach, train to be able to get up and get off the beach.

Great workout:

Wildman Conditioned Strength #1

Lay face down explode up with a pushup, and into a sprint for about 10 yards.

“The key is getting up as fast as possible, and to get moving, without tripping or falling”.

Grab a pair of medium weight dumbbells and farmers walk 10 yards up and 10 yards back, drop the weight, walk back.

Repeat 10 Rounds.

This short workout works your strength, explosiviness, and conditioning in a short amount of time, under 10 minutes!

Train For Something Valuable, Your Life!

Johnny Grube





  1. Marovsky says

    Charles Salvador: “Your heart is more important than big showy muscles.”

    Man among men!!!

  2. @Marovsky

    That is a PHENOMENAL quote !!!

  3. Appalachian WildMan! says

    I wish more of the world knew about the Wildman…but they wouldn’t be able to handle him!!!

  4. Marovsky says

    Appalachian WildMan, too bad most would still follow the fitness industry, which is a big sellout.

  5. Funny.Most people find me exhausting.

  6. Hate the fitness industry.

  7. Glen MacCharles says

    Most people just don’t understand.

  8. Fuck useless shit , get down and dirty with the real training . No need to waste time on things that are not going to play out in the real world .

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