Women are tougher then men.

Yeah, they are. Have you ever watched a woman workout? If they think they can
make the scale move 1lb they would climb a mountain. Men on the other hand
will sit around and get fat while there women get lean and fit.

Go to a gym sometime and look around. These women go like crazy working out
while men spend more time looking in the mirror doing shrugs with a 50lb

I see more women exercising on a daily basis then men, I see them walking,
biking, running. I do see some men training, but it’s not as often as the ladies.

And another thing, men complain more then women. As a matter of fact most
men are cry babies little bitches. I love it when women work to support a man.

Men will call out of work for the littlest problem they will complain about every
little ache and pain, yet most women have to carry on, they don’t usually get

The man is supposed to support the woman or at least be able to if need be. I have
nothingĀ  against career women but have a problem when the man that does nothing,
the man that doesn’t help out.

I know a girl close to me that was supporting her family by working double shifts
while the man sat at home playing X-box. Where did the men of this country go?

A lot of women have to raise a family on their own when the man walks out and
doesn’t feel he needs to pay child support so the woman needs to do whatever
to take care of their family.

A real man will take care of their kids at all cost. No matter what the circumstance.

The real man doesn’t make excuses. They do what needs to be done.

I love the men that are on disability, the ones that can’t work because they
have a bad temper or a bad back or have anxiety problems and the list goes on.

When did men start to give up?

Men have become fat, weak and lazy. Of course this isn’t all men. There are still a few men
out there, that would do what ever it took to support their family and that’s how
it should be.

Men that seem to be fit and healthy seemed to do what needs to be done while
the ones that sit around smoking and drinking don’t seem to care as much.

Toughen up men!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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