Working out or Wearing out

Working out or Wearing out

I think I might be in the wrong business of trying to help people
become healthier and physically fit. I have a few that continually
write or comment that the things I say aren’t for the everyday
citizen, I thought by the things I say people would catch on to

I don’t want to deal with the general public meaning the regular
unmotivated men and women, I get no satisfaction helping
people that want less then they can be. I don’t want to deal
with people that want the easy way out. Sorry I just don’t. I’m a
regular citizen and I love this type of training so if I like it why
wouldn’t other people.

As far as wearing out I’ll be 43 this week and having been doing
physical labor my whole life 30 years and I have been training just
as long as well as playing sports, martial arts, pro wrestler and if
anything my body has gotten better, no injuries anymore, knees
no longer hurt after having three knee operations, no more shoulder
or neck pain and no back even though I have a chipped vertebrae
from a football injury.

Once I changed my thoughts and use my own training methods and
started making my own decisions my body has never been leaner
or more fit.

By experts standards I should be ready for the junk pile, I don’t talk
about injuries because I don’t get very many and haven’t had any
in a long while, I still workout everyday and eat well I don’t make
excuses I just keep on going, and some of the men that comment
are in their 40’s up til their 70’s and still train and do the things
I recommend. If these guys aren’t worn out, why would anyone
else worry about it?

I still do thousands of pushups and burpees and jump rope
thousands of times and still always hear be careful you could
get hurt. Yeah, so I should just be like everyone else and walk
on treadmills and take Zumba, that won’t happen. I look at the
fittest and see how they still keep going and look at the normal
people and see how broken down people are.

I see it everyday living in the real world of physical labor, bad
backs, nerve damage, torn up knees etc. If you want to be
this way and worry about wearing out and you will. My
thought is don’t let someone put in your head what you can
or cannot do, it’s your call to decide how far you can go.

I wonder why, when someone gives the advice of being careful
you might get injured or over time you body will break down
everyone listens, is this a fact or is it made up by men who
have broken down over the years?

Again over 30 years in a labor environment using my body as
a tool and 30 years training (since I was 12) and the last 15 years
training every single day doing hundreds and thousands of reps
how can I keep going? I count on my body for my living and need
it to perform everyday at a high level.

My body doesn’t get the same rest as most people and I keep going,
there are a lot of theory’s but the only theory’s that matter are the
one’s I create.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. The best part of the whole article was in the last paragraph, in my opinion. The only thing that matters is what works for each individual. Most trainers need to learn that important lesson. While we do need to push ourselves out of the comfort zone, most can’t and shouldn’t start at your elite level of fitness. They are told to follow XY program and give it everything you’ve got. This, to me, is why so many people get hurt or just quit. Trainees need to get in tune with their mind and body. The body will let you know what it wants and needs to do to improve. All we have to do is listen. As far as the other part of the article, I believe that most people are just looking for an excuse to do nothing, or they’re not working out right at all. Johnny, you are correct when you said that your body does what you ask of it. That’s what performance is all about. Repetitive tasks with ever increasing intensity will develop the motor skill set to function at the level in which you do. Keep telling it like it is! You might not make very many friends, but who wants to be friends with whiners and quitters anyway?!

  2. codedxxx says

    Great comment Tim.

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