Worthless and Weak!

Worthless and weak are what most of today’s society has become. Just look around
and pay attention to the sad state of human pride. This is my blog so I can write and
use fowl language if I want. People are so easily offended and ready to defend their
position on most subjects that touch a nerve. I talk in generality not to or about
specific people. But the men that come out guns blazing have usually been hurt
by what I said.

One time there was a say ” Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will
never hurt me” but today pussies are offended by words. You can look at the way
a man carries himself and know whether he is a pussy or not.

People get offended by my language, by my position and by my cockiness, and
I don’t care. I have spent my life seeing how men interact, I never worked in
an office environment with women, all my life it’s been sports, gyms, loading
docks, truck driver, etc. So who would have a better understanding a man
whose whole life is spent around men or a man that spends his life in an office
environment where you have to be civil and be careful not to offend?

Men that spend their lives being controlled in a controlled environment
are the men that are easily offended and take up feminine type causes.

These men tend to be physically and mentally weaker then the man that
spends his days in a constant testosterone environment full of egos.

Men that are offended by a man that tells them they are weak,  soft
or are not doing what they need to do to accomplish the set
objective become weaker men. I have never benefited from
anyone telling me it’s not my fault, or any of that feel good bullshit!

Men know when others are giving their best, and if I’m not, I want
to be called out on it! I might get pissed but I will finish the objective!

These men tend to be softer and weaker then the active laborer. And in
today’s society everyone is looking for that “sit behind a desk job”.

Growing up from a young age I knew I wanted to earn a living like
a man through physical labor, I just like the way laboring keeps
me strong and active.

Men that are strong physically and mentally are not easily offended
the ones that feel they need to defend a position are the weak men.

I have never commented on anything about anyone’s position unless
the comment was directed at me personally and even then if I don’t
that person they are lucky if they get a response at all.

You don’t have to like what I say or how I say it, but I will say it.
I have gone to long and trained to hard to let anyone with less
experience or less accomplishment effect me.

I train hard and have for over 30 years I work as a laborer and have
for over 30 years and that builds a physical and mental toughness few
men will ever experience.

No one like a weak man!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Those people go out of their way to be offended and pissed off. It’s a totally unnatural way to live. They’ll deliberately read and watch things to make themselves angry, then they’ll demand that everyone else be angry with them, then they’ll get angry that not everybody feels the same way. And they’ll repeat this cycle daily. It’s a cultivation of misery and it leads to a culture of weakness. The ragheads and slopes are going to stomp all over them in a few decades.

  2. Hello Mr Grube. I think your website is awesome and you speak the complete truth on a lot of subjects regarding fitness sir,but this question is for Mr.MacCharles. What does ragheads and slopes mean?

  3. Is this your first day above ground, dipshit? Don’t give me that fucking nonsense.

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