Wrestling Champion Cary Kolat Training With Less!

Cary Kolat undefeated high school wrestling champion 137 – 0  four time state wrestling champion
in Pennsylvania  had two NCAA championships in 1996 and 1997 for Lock Haven University of
and was a member of the United States Men’s Freestyle Wrestling Team from 1997–2001.
During that time he won silver and bronze medals at the 1997 Krasnoyarsk and 1998 Tehran FILA Wrestling
World Championships
as well as competing for the United States in freestyle wrestling for the 2000 Summer
in Sydney, where he placed 9th.

Talks about the wrestling weight room in Cuba despite minimal equipment
they continually put out some of the worlds greatest wrestlers.

In the short video he tells how you can train anywhere, calisthenics is all you need
to get wrestling strong, and wrestlers are the best conditioned!

In the video without equipment he could do as many pushups as possible, or as many
situps as possible in 5 minute, he could do some rope climbing he can use stairs to jump
on or do box  jumps, or he could use a partner and throw him over his shoulder and
do squats, giving no excuses not to train.

He also in the video talks about people being to complicated and instead of using 3 or 4
exercise to workout people want to do 20 different things spreading themselves to thin.

I have come to love doing more with less, it keeps it simple and gives you no excuse
to get in great shape. If world class athletes don’t need expensive equipment and
can do more with less so can you!

Cary Kolat is as tough as nails!!!


Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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  1. Fantastic! “It’s not the facilities you got, make the most of what you have and produce.” -Karl Gotch

  2. Yup! And Karl Gotch knows a little about training!

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