WWE Tough Enough Bodyweight Conditioning

WWE Tough Enough Bodyweight Conditioning

Some already know that I was a pro wrestler on the
independent scene on and off for 10 years, and is the
main reason I gained all the weight I did in a short

Out of high school I was 147 lbs and could
bench press 330lbs and deadlift 400 lbs at 21 I
weighed 175lbs and was a competitive arm wrestler
for a short time, but that’s another story.

At 22 I was 210 and got up to 230 to 240 lbs in a
quick jump from weight gain, gallons of milk and
tons of food.

Anyhow, when I started wrestling I found out how
tough the training actually was and it is no joke.
Every one knows wrestling is scripted but don’t
tell me it’s fake.

Wrestlers, whether fat, small weird looking, tall or
short you better believe they put in hours and hours
of constant practice as well having their bodies beat
up on a regular basis as well as many cut’s, bumps and
bruises and many other injuries just from training.

So what does this have to do with bodyweight training?

Most pro wrestling students go through a type of conditioning
program to get their bodies ready for the rigors of the ring and
if you run into an old school pro wrestler be prepared to have your
ass kicked on a regular basis.

But if you watch the circuits they put them through it’s a combination
of pushups, bodyweight squats and sit up crunches switching back
and forth to see what type of strength and mental toughness they have
and I have seen many people pay their money to train and just quit
because of the pain that it takes to learn this craft.

These guys put their bodies on the line day after day and night after
night and most have a very short career once they get to the WWE,
most work on the independent scene for little or no money just to do it
because it’s a love.

Watching the training sessions and watching how these big muscled
up men are blowing up ( winded ) doing the simple conditioning program
to test their heart and toughness and these muscled up men were in a
ton of hurt in a couple of minutes of a basic conditioning circuit.

The bench press, the squat and the dead lift are never used to test
the real strength and conditioning aspect of a person all around the
world bodyweight conditioning is how things are tested.

They did a 3 minute sprint from rope to rope and this is no easy
task and in just three minutes their legs turn to jello and were
ready to fall over. You want more info on how old school pro
wrestlers trained do yourself some research and you will find
these men, fake or not will bring the pain.

I no longer follow wrestling unless it’s someone I wrestled with
other than not it’s just not for me anymore, but the experience
was great and a lot of fun.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. great Post I am a big Wrestling follower from Germany

  2. Wrestling can be what ever you want but its fun and if you work out a lot its real

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