You Need To Avoid These People.

This is MOST of society.

You are probably a mindless manipulated fool!

You probably don’t have the ability to think for yourself!

You probably think all the media, politicians, and doctors spews is real!

You probably have a bunch of weak minded friends that think the same way!

You probably think mental illness at such a high rate is normal!

You probably think taking pharmaceutical drugs is normal!

You probably think men are better weak than strong.

You probably think women can do all a man can do.

You probably think your race or gender gives you value!

You probably think fat and unhealthy is normal!

Do you know your mental illness could be easily fixed it you didn’t pay attention to the agenda being pushed?

I could go on and on.

Basically, society has decayed in to a society of degenerate weakness.

~ Strength ~

Johnny Grube


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